Stephanie Elmas
Author of The Room Beyond, launched 30th September 2013
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The Room Beyond
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"What I really wasn't expecting of this book - and it was an absolute delight - was the darkness it developed. This is far from a gentle historic ramble - there are real shocks, evil, ugliness and a touch of the supernatural that made it a really different and fascinating read. It's a very clever recreation of Victorian sensation writing at its very best - the best of gothic and romance brought uncomfortably into a domestic setting.
Being Anne

"I was caught up in this book from the very beginning. From the moment Serena first saw the house and met the Hartreve family I knew there was something more to their story and the story of the 'missing' house."
Kristine and Terri - Twin Spin

"It is not easy to find a book that is easy to read whilst also being intelligent and original but this first novel combines all these elements. It brought me into a world of beautiful imagery with pace and a story line that kept me questioning events until the very end. The characters draw you into a world that is vivid and so gripping and I hope so much that there will be more to come from an author who clearly lives and breathes for the story she creates. It was magical.
SusHol - Amazon

"This book is beautifully written, and weaves between the past and present effortlessly. I already miss the characters, and I'm hoping to get to read more about them soon."
SamD1 - Amazon

"The author has a real knack for character and writes with authority both on the past and in the present day. It's a page turner from the start, raising intriguing questions from the very first page that keep you reading in search of answers. I particularly liked the way that the author manages to juxtapose a playful humour in her storytelling with elements of genuinely ghoulish horror"
jsm28 - Amazon

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